Blue Pill Arcade is complete

Blue Pill Arcade is complete

July 2, 2020

Blue Pill Arcade, Drugs & Wires prequel comic, is now finished!

BPA takes us back to the year 1993 and explores Dan and Eve’s relationship and the early days of VR in Stradania.

You don’t need to read D&W or the original Dreamspace prequel as BPA is meant to be completely standalone.

~Please note that part 3 is for adult readers only.~

  • Physical copies are available in our merch store. (Please check the Covid page for the list of countries we can ship to) We’ll look into printing a single volume once we’re out of issue 3.
  • Digital PDFs are now available to all of our $5 tier Patreon supporters, but you can also pick them up on Gumroad!