Drugs & Wires #3 & Convention Schedule

Drugs & Wires #3 & Convention Schedule

April 3, 2017

Hey everyone, haven’t posted here in a while! Actually, I’m pretty sure this is my first time writing a news post on here - normally Io’s much better at it, but I’ve got way more free time on my hands these days, so it’s only fair I start updating more often.

So, the big news: Issue #3, “Rock Bottom” is ready to be sent off to the printers - we’re currently taking pre-orders to help us with the printing costs! You can order a copy (and limited edition sketch) in D&W Tictail store. For those of you supporting us on Patreon, you can grab a 20% discount code in the latest post.

If you’d rather pick it up from Cryoclaire in person, here’s a list of our convention appearances confirmed so far:

  • Em-con, Nottingham, 29-30th April

  • TCAF, Toronto,  13-14th May (First time in Canada! Exciting times)

  • MCM London 26-29th May

  • Thought Bubble, Leeds, 23-24th September

  • Nottingham Comic Con, Nottingham, 14th October.

Hope to see some of you there!

If you’re ever in Nottingham but can’t make it to the conventions, Drugs & Wires is now stocked at thte Page45 comic shop - they even said some nice things about us in their review!

We  got some very positive and in-depth review from Loser-City and got to be a Pick Of The Week over at ComicBookHour all in the past couple of weeks.

And since I’m just showing off now, we also got interviewed by Jon Erik Christianson over at Comics Alliance which was great. Sadly we’ve heard sad news of the website getting shut down - so go read the thing while it’s still available! There are many more interviews with indie/webcomic creators including our comic buddies Rising Sand.

All in all it’s been a good year for D&W so far and we can’t wait to come back with Chapter 4!  And with that I’ll stop typing and go get some actual work done. Eloquent news post is definitely more of Io’s thing.