Dreamspace Analogue Edition

Dreamspace: Analogue Edition Now Available on Tapastic!

January 19, 2016

History time: way back in 2013, Cryoclaire launched Dreamspace, an animated, pseudo-interactive story about a down-on-his-luck VR mindtripper named Dan and his (mostly) gradual descent into addiction. In 2014, Dreamspace _was collected into a print edition with revised dialogue and some additional material, appropriately called _Dreamspace: Analogue Edition. Last year, the first print run of _Analogue Edition _officially sold out, and we started planning an expanded second edition to replace it. As of January 2016, we’re… still in the planning stages, to be honest, so while _Analogue Edition 2.0 _sits in creative limbo, we thought we’d at least make the original available online.

Like all things D&W, you can access (and subscribe to!) the suddenly less appropriately titled _DS: Analogue Edition _through Cryoclaire’s Tapastic page.