Fanart Contest Winners

Fanart Contest Winners

April 22, 2019

Our second fanart contest has just wrapped up! Thanks to everyone who participated - we got so many beautiful entries from folks, judging was difficult to say the least.

Here’s all the entries, all links and credits available below (if provided):

Fanart Contest Winners
Fanart Contest Winners

Winners & Runner-ups

Our Fanart category winner is Symberzite with a brilliant Bladerunner/D&W mashup. Check out their piece on twitter!

Fanart runner-up is Leona Florianova because who can resist those colours? Check out her piece on Tumblr

Now for Original Characters! Our OC winner is ekrixart with their character Niles. Check them out on tumblr! We love the idea for the mods and how they’re all both functional and plausible in D&W world.

Our OC Runner-Up is Flygohr - that character sheet presentation is A+. Check out his work on Instagram

Links to other participants and entries: (let me know if I missed you - some entries were emailed without any links)

-Winners and runner-ups will receive a signed Vol.1 of Drugs & Wires, winners will also get part 1 of Blue Pill Arcade, a phone charm and a personalised sketch from Cryo.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined - we’ll try and update our fan gallery as soon as our website is fixed. (FYI, our site is still experiencing some issues so I’m not even sure when we’ll able to update the comic on here. Hopefully soon!)