Radical Livestream 3.03

Livestream Updates and D&W on Reddit!

February 1, 2016

We’ve been experimenting with art livestreams since the earliest days of the comic, and after a couple of venue and scheduling changes, we’ve finally settled into a new home and time slot. You can now watch Cryoclaire assemble new pages on Twitch Saturdays and Sundays - exact start times are announced on her Twitter or Tumblr. Our streams usually run for a few hours; art aside, you’ll get a chance to chat with other fans and creators, sample Claire’s industrial/witchhouse/vaporwave playlists, and take in a sterling selection of random crap we’ve unearthed on YouTube.

_D&W _also recently gained its very own subreddit on, so if you’ve got an account and are looking for an all-new venue to chat about everybody’s favorite depressed-Slav-in-cyberpunk-‘90s-hell webseries, swing on by!