Radical Livestream, Take 2

Drugs & Wires Livestream Moves to Wednesdays!

July 1, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we started streaming Claire’s inking and coloring for D&W on Picarto. Despite a few hiccups, we’ve managed to attract a lively community of readers and fellow creators, and kicked off plenty of fun discussions in the process.

Going forward, we’re moving our “regular” livestream to Wednesdays at 8 PM BST/7 PM GMT, with the occasional Saturday livestream thrown in when scheduling allows. This gives Claire more time to prep the page, and will hopefully make the stream a little more interesting in the process.

As before, streams will be announced on Claire’s Tumblr and Twitter accounts about an hour or so before they kick off. Most streams usually feature both of us, so it’s your chance to chat with the D&W team, get some insights into our creative process, and ask those burning (spoiler-free) questions.