News Roundup: Russian Edition, Comic Chameleon, TV Tropes!

July 23, 2015

It’s been a busy couple of weeks behind the scenes!

What’s new? For starters, we’ve launched a Russian-language version of Drugs and Wires through webcomics portal Авторский Комикс (“Comic Authors”). Localization comes courtesy of Claire and the talented loveisliquid, with new pages being added as time permits. If you’re one of our Tapastic followers, you’ll eventually be able to access those translations via D&W’s Tapastic page, too.

We also recently submitted D&W to the Comic Chameleon iPhone app. Comic Chameleon hosts over 130 webcomics in an easy-to-browse, mobile-friendly format with full creator support, and their line-up includes some of the biggest titles out there (in addition to a lot of cool up-and-comers). New comics are added based on reader interest, so, if you’d like to see Dan and company make an appearance on CC, please take a minute to drop a request to the app’s creators.

And last (but not least), Drugs & Wires now has its own TV Tropes page! Fans have already started adding some great material, and we’re looking forward to seeing how things evolve as the story progresses.