Drugs&Wires: Oneshots

D&W One-Shots Now Available on Tapastic!

June 4, 2015

While D&W “officially” launched in 2015, Dan and Lin first started appearing in short comics and one-panel strips way back in early 2013. Together with Dreamspace, these one-shots established the look and feel of Dan’s world, and ultimately formed the basis of the webcomic you see today.

Until recently, getting to these older comics meant wading through Cryoclaire’s Tumblr or DeviantArt account. No more, though: the new Drugs & Wires: Oneshots collection on Tapastic pulls together the best (or at least, most coherent) of Dan and Lin’s vintage misadventures in one easy-to-browse location. As an added bonus, subscribers will automatically be notified when future one-shots are published. Enjoy!