Schedule Update & Things!

May 15, 2018

Hey everyone! Cryo here with a very much belated news update. We really don’t update this thing often enough.

If you’re reading Drugs & Wires regularly, you might have noticed that our updates have been a bit all over the place lately - and I apologise for that! A couple of months ago I had to go back to working full-time  and readjusting to that has been challenging. In addition to that, I’m busy preparing the first issue of Blue Pill Arcade for London MCM and both me and Io are working on some extras and things for our upcoming Kickstarter! (more on that later)

Anyway, it seems like June is going to be extremely busy for both work and personal reasons, so** unfortunately I’m left with no other choice than to take a mini-hiatus and put D&W on a break until July**. We might update before then, but I can’t promise it’ll be regular. I’m very sorry about that - hopefully the stuff we’ll be working on in the meantime is gonna make up for that! I’ve also closed down our Tictail store until after MCM to help me keep track of stock.

Speaking of Kickstarters - we’re planning on launching one for a collected edition of chapters 1-4. I’ve been slowly adapting it all for print and making rewards (BPA comic being one of them) and there’s still a lot of work to be done, but hopefully we’ll get there! If you’d like to know when it launches, sign up for our mailing list here. (Your email might already be on there if you’ve bought stuff from the Tictail store in the past) I promise I won’t spam you more than a couple times a year - it’s just a neat option for people who can’t keep up with my shitposting on social media!

I’ll be documenting everything we do on the meantime on Patreon and Patreon-only Discord channel and hopefully giving people early glimpses of the pages when I do get to draw them.

And finally, here’s a regular reminder that D&W does have its own very active & friendly Discord server - so do have a look if you haven’t yet.