Blue Pill Arcade - Side Comic Launch

July 26, 2017

Good news - after many months of writing scripts and thumbnails, Blue Pill Arcade is finally getting drawn! First 5 pages are already up on Patreon.

Blue Pill Arcade is a prequel set 2 years before the events of the main comic. While Dreamspace (our original prequel series) focuses on Dan’s last moments in VR, BPA is all about the early days of Dreamspace and its users. Expect it to be a little more light-hearted than the main series (light-hearted by D&W standards, anyway…)

We’ll update the comic  in monthly installments of 6 to 8 pages (depending on Cryo’s workload) and keep it as a Patreon exclusive until the story is finished.  Once it’s done, we’ll see how to go about publishing it, but it’d most likely be available for purchase online.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak of people’s typical reaction to Fixer: