Drugs & Wires 2019 Update!

Drugs & Wires 2019 Update!

January 22, 2019

(pic unrelated! But I really don’t post enough non-comic art here!)

Happy (belated!) 2019, everyone. Cryo here! (or..Mary, seeing how I’ve totally deanonymised myself on social media lately.

I realised this website’s been quiet for a while now so I figured I’d give you an update of all the things in case you don’t follow our ramblings on social media.

Drugs & Wires has been updating on Patreon for the past few weeks - I felt like it’s best to build a buffer for public updates going forward. The good news is that public updates will resume this Wednesday, 23rd Jan - but if you just can’t wait you can read the first 3 pages on Patreon for just $3. I’ve also had to switch my streams to patreon-only to avoid spoilers, those are available to all patrons!

We still have an active Discord with open access and a welcoming community for all as well as an exclusive #patreon channel where I post WIPs for patrons and other things sometimes. (if you scroll far enough you might even find some extremely secret pre-2012 art of what would eventually become Dan and Lin)

All physical Kickstarter rewards went out back in October 2018, and digital goodies dropped in November. Please get in touch if you’re a backer and haven’t received your package so we can sort something out! So far we’ve only had a couple of packages returning or missing. KS fulfillment was a ton of work for us both, but seeing the items drop was so satisfying. Thanks to all of you who supported the campaign! <3 I don’t think I ever want to burn another floppy, though.


(photo source: paula.clu)

If you missed the Kickstarter and would like to buy the book, it’s available in my new store!  I’ve also got some other merch available too, though most Kickstarter stuff is very limited edition and as I’m typing this there’s only 2 Wirehead shirts left.

Regarding convention appearances: I managed to get a trading table at Dublin Comic Con this March! Nothing else confirmed so far. Now that I live in Ireland travelling for UK cons is gonna be a bit more of a challenge!

Lastly I wanted to apologise for the mess that 2018 was for updates, it’s all on me. I went back to full time work last year and between that, Kickstarter prep and a cross country move it’s been hard to keep my schedule and brain stable! Thankfully things are looking better now - for the time being I’m back on freelance so I’ve been doing colouring for Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt with the best team ever, getting my new merch brand Hello Void off the ground (I liked designing KS merch so much I decided I don’t want to stop) and also trying to get Drugs & Wires back on track.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sticking with us! Here’s to many more pages in 2019.